Yi C., Los Angeles, CA says –

“They have been a real pleasure to work with.  They are thorough and detailed. I have never regretted using them.  I especially like their responsiveness to questions that always come up.  Mr. James, Janice, and Hailey are very professional and efficient. What I love most is whenever I have a question the team responds instantly. You’re making a good decision when you decide to use their services!”

Cindy Carvel and Misty Frasier, Manhattan Beach, CA says – 

“Amazing tax return service. James is great at traditional CPA jobs, but he also has specialties in tax problem relief services. We recommend James for all your financial needs!”

Lauren Attard, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“I have been working with James and Janice or three years for my tax returns, and I always appreciate their thoughtfulness, thoroughness, professionalism and attention. I trust them, and I highly recommend!”

Mathew Withlock, Hawthorne, CA, says,

“James is a good guy. He is smart, honest, he knows his stuff. He helped me, he worked with me together on this to get the best results for me. Thanks James, I appreciate it. Its hard to find somebody who is with you & not against you. James is on our side.”

Paula Donnelly, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Mr. Cha and his staff first helped me when I had a financially complicated year. They are professional and personable. Their work gives me confidence that things are done right, and I appreciate their advice.”

Danny Kohanof, Tarzana, CA, says,

“I am working with JMC CPA for last twenty five years. they do accounting and tax returns for all of my companies and my personal. Mr. Cha and his staff are extremely professional. they are very efficient in all aspects (very knowledgeable, on top of their work, organized, respond fast, helpful and caring, etc ..). I am lucky to have them by my side!”

Jason Lane, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Had a very productive meeting with James and team! I am a freelance designer and he is helping me with incorporation. He was clear about services provided and offered good explanation for any questions that I had. It was simple to book an appointment, and his team is organized and very friendly. He is professional and also candid and nice to talk to!”

Robert L., Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Ok so simply, highly recommended. The office ambiance was good with warm hospitality from the staff. But the most important thing to me was efficiency in terms speed, professional knowledge and communication. Took me less than an hour to set up 2 companies after explaining the context and discussing various angles. To those who need help setting up a new business, try James M Cha Company.”

Patrick M., Southwood Riviera, Torrance, CA, says,

“JMC CPA office represented my company for the past 17 years and I’m extremely satisfied with their professionalism and attention to details when it came to accounting and tax. I recommend Mr. Cha for anyone who wants to complete accounting and tax solutions for their company.”

Roy D., Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Mr.Cha, the CPA here is very knowledgeable and professional to prepare my tax return. I have some special events happened last year and they provided me with very customized accounting and tax services to meet my specific needs. They also have a very fast response time to not only let me know the number, but let me understand the savings behind. Also the accountant here follows up with only necessary questions and finish their jobs very efficiently with minimal efforts from my end. Overall very pleased experience doing my taxes here and will come back next year.”

Bhagyashri Dave, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“I had questions pertaining to my tax returns. I sent in my questions through the website form and was contacted by Mr.James with quick and prompt response. He guided me through my questions patiently. I highly recommend his services.”

David Meister, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“I spoke with Mr. Cha about our upcoming taxes and he was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend his services!”

Sara Lee, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Their CPA job is so professional with detailed explanations too. I understood why I have to pay taxes and more. I am lucky that I found this kinda CPA!!!”

Kirk Kimball, Los Angeles, says,

“James and his staff were terrific and exceeded my expectations.

Reasons James and his staff are received such a favorable rating are as follows:

1. He actually returned my phone call from my initial contact with James’ office. That may not sound like a big deal to some, but I was not one of James clients at the time.

2. Professionalism… Once my taxes were complete, James reviewed them with me. His ability to educate me on how to handle my expense transaction and paperwork were refreshing. After my experience, I actually was looking forward to implementing James’ cataloging system.

3. KNOWLEDGE. Very difficult to understand, unless you experience for yourself. While reviewing my taxes it was only then, I realized what I had been missing in an accountant. James is not an ordinary accountant that can recite IRS rules and regulations, but he actually understands them and applies them. In simple terms, I felt as though I had the IRS, a tax attorney and an Accountant at once. I feel like I cannot put into words James’ knowledge of the tax code and actually making it work for you. I entered into James’ office with a mess of paperwork and left with a complete tax plan.

4. From my initial visit, James provided the date and time my taxes would be completed. I left his office thinking he was incorrect. To my disbelief I received a phone call from James personally on the date and time he provided on my initial visit to notify me my taxes were complete. Old school business (he actually does what he says.. great concept!)

5. Money… I went into James’ office thinking this is going to cost me a bundle of money for hiring a widely-respected accountant such as James. In reality, James’ ability to know tax structure actually saved me more money on my taxes than I could have imagined. In simple terms…, I felt like I was undercharged for his service.

6. STAFF… James’ office staff was not just a staff of part-time workers shuffling papers. They were a qualified group of highly-educated professionals. They knew every portion of my tax information without having to stop to look at my life. I felt as though this was an army of tax assassins in a mission.

In closing, James is the only accountant I trust from now on. Trust is something that was not my objective by hiring James, but became the cornerstone of my professional relationship with him. You will not be disappointed in James.”

Barbara Zambia, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Great!! I am a client now… Thanks.
They did my 2016 taxes and filed late election paperwork with reasonable cause statement for my S Corp status, which I thought that everything was done right but not done properly by prior CPA when I changed from a DBA to Corporation. They updated the Minutes for my corporation to keep me in compliance with California laws.

They filed my personal 2016 taxes as well. James and Janice reviewed my 2015 Taxes per my request. I like their services so well so I hired them to keep my business on tract bookkeeping and payroll up to date. They cleaned up, and organized my mess, and I was amazed! I am truly relieved, it’s a load off my mind, now I can focus on making money.

I would recommend their company to my friends, and strangers in a heartbeat. Mr. James Cha and staff are very professional, and nice people, they really really know what they are doing.”

Ian C., Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Mr. Cha and his whole staff were all so gentle and polite. The vibe in the office was very professional and he took his time and answered all our questions completely and with straight to the point knowledge. A very swift, reliable and pleasant experience at his office with a wonderful view of Hollywood. I feel this will be the beginning of a great long term partnership with Mr. James Cha and his very kind associates.”

Bea Cuizon, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“In our recent experience, this firm displayed professionalism and delivered its services efficiently and promptly. Mr. James Cha himself and even his support staff, namely Misses Janice and Elly, are all friendly, communicative, and accommodating. We highly recommend this corporation.”

Ruchira De Silva, Los Angeles, says,

“Excellent service – James was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. I’d definitely recommend his services.”

Nova Legal Funding, Los Angeles, CA, says,

“Mr. Cha and his staff are diligent, smart, and patient. He’s been a tremendous asset to our business. I would strongly recommend any business owner looking to improve and streamline his/her tax and accounting situation to contact Mr. Cha.”

Sheree Bankler, East Los Angeles, says,

“He does what he says. He is a quick responder. You have any questions, he will get back with you within 10 min. Mr. Cha is very thorough. When I picked up my tax returns, he spends the time to explain them to you. He pays attention to detail and returned my taxes to me in a timely manner. His staff is very professional as well. Thank you Mr. Cha.”

Annika Nyquist, Los Angeles, says,

“James Cha and his team have been an amazing support to get our bookkeeping and accounting back on track which we could not have done without them.

We can reach out to him anytime with any questions. James and his team are very helpful in guiding us through day to day accounting tasks.

It is a great relief to know you have such skilled, professional and trustworthy people on hand.

From accounting, tax or payroll needs – James Cha CPA will help you as a friendly and dedicated financial advising team.”

Cindy Suzuki, Whittier, says,

“James Cha CPA has been amazing and takes care of all of my business accounting, payroll and tax services.

Finding a good CPA is tough and frustrating. I had a very bad experience with my previous CPA that I started looking for a new CPA to work with. I went to many firms and spoke with them in person before making my decision to start working with James Cha CPA.

It has been a little over a year and is very satisfied with the company.

They are professional, helpful and caring.

I am so happy to have made my decision.

Give them a call if you have any accounting, tax or payroll needs!”

Matthew Band, San Francisco, says,

“James and his staff are nothing short of phenomenal! Very friendly and professional but most importantly he knows what he is doing! I have recently started using James within the past 2 years, and compared to my old CPA, its a different world. In terms of pricing, definitely worth every penny!

What I love the most is how accessible he and his staff are to me as a client. They are a great team and I would def recommend them for anyone looking for a CPA!

Leo Clarke, Los Angeles, says,

I had a very good experience with James Cha and his whole staff. They got my Corporation taxes and payroll in order very quickly and with great feedback and customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them friends and business associate.

Jimmy Rodriguez, Los Angeles, says,

“Being fairly new to the self-employment world and also a new property owner, I decided to enlist the help of James M. Cha, CPA & Company to prepare my seemingly complicated tax return. I came in with receipts that I tried to organize, and they found a way to make sense of it all. Mr. Cha and his team are highly professional, honest, and competent in their work, which made for a FANTASTIC experience. I highly recommend James Cha, CPA & Associates, and will definitely return next year.

*as a side note, Mr. Cha informed me of the benefits of forming a S-Corp, which I had already been thinking about; and if and when I do decide to incorporate, I’ll definitely be enlisting his services. I will have a follow-up review when that time comes. But for now, my taxes are complete, I’m happy, and ready to face another year head-on.”

Sean O., Las Vegas, NV, says,

“I have been working with James M. Cha, CPA & Company for my personal and business since year 2005. When it comes to dealing with tax and business accounting, my priority lays on detail with personalized care and professionalism, and I never have to worry about that with the firm. I can confidently mention that the firm has always been on top of everything and cares about my business matters. The firm not only provides excellent service, but also provides helpful advice. I am so glad I met this firm.”

Edward Mun, MD, Rancho Palos Verdes, says –

“James Cha is an outstanding CPA who performs his tasks with integrity, accuracy and enthusiasm. He is always available and his tax preparations are always on time. I recommend him for anyone who needs tax, financial related issues.”

Kenji Tatsugi, Attorney, Los Angeles, says –

“Very professional. Highly recommended to my clients.”

Julie De Ramos, Eagle Rock, says,

“James Cha, a great CPA and a nice person. He is so diligent to deliver updated advices and precise in all the work he does. He always treats me like one of his very important clients. James and all of his staffs are accommodating and comfortable to approach with. That’s why I am very complaisant and confident with him as my business partner in handling all about taxes and accounting and in saving money for my business. Thanks, James Cha! Bless your company even more!”

Ben Arya, Santa Monica, says –

“I have been working with Jame Cha, CPA & Co. for more than 20 years, and have received services for many different kinds of businesses.

I am not worried about getting audited by any government agencies because this firm gives me confidence and security. Previously, I was audited by the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, and Board of Equalization. My worries always resulted in nothing more than clean, perfect and satisfying results.

I can trust this firm to provide me with excellent service not only for audits, but also with my tax planning and business accounting.

This firm is always available to answer my questions and helps me with any problems I have.

I will continue to depend on Mr. Cha and his well-trained and knowledgeable staff as my CPA and accounting firm.”

Young K. Kim, Los Angeles, says –

“James Cha CPA firm is the most dependable accounting firm in town. I’ve known him around 25 years.

As a business man, I had different types of small to medium businesses during that period.
No matter what size of business I operated, he’s been serving so well such as tax savings, preparation all documents for bank loans, every month reports, and what I have to do, and financial counsel as well. The firm supports every aspects of business that I needed to glow and my personal tax matter too.

So, I end up with saving a whole lot of money personally. Even this year my income tax refund amounts were pretty big~~.

So, if anyone is looking for a trusted and reliable firm, take my words for it and see them. Never ever regret with the James Cha CPA Firm.”

John Lim, South El Monte, says –

“Extremely helpful! James has a great work ethic. He is very helpful and takes the time to answer any questions you have. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for professionalism within a great CPA firm.”

Danny Kohanof, Agoura Hills, says –

When I first visited Mr. James’ office 19 years ago, he analyzed my prior years’ tax returns thoroughly. Then, he saved the first year’s tax $s significantly, with tax credits and deductions I was eligible for.

He has superb talents in coming up with tax-saving ideas and plans.

Since then, his office has been providing my several businesses with the supreme care and very fast response time. Mr. Cha and his staff members including Ms. Janice are very well-organized, efficient, and so knowledgeable in their fields.
I am extremely satisfied with their excellent tax and accounting services, and that’s why I have been referring this firm to my friends over the years.”

Timothy Lee, Irvine, says –

“Awesome professional service. I would like to recommend his CPA services with professionalism to anyone who looks for excellency.

CPA의 생명은 프로정신이라고 사려됩니다.
정확히 그리고 나에게 꼭 필요한 맞춤서비스로 항상 도움을 받았습니다.
특히 회사 회계업무로 힘들었던 궁금했던 일들이 James Cha CPA를 통해서 많은 도움을 받았습니다.”

Hasun Jung, Los Angeles, says –

“처음 세금보고부터 지금까지 제임스차 회계사님을 이용하면서 배운점이 많습니다.
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미국 회계법의 경우, 경험없이 하기 힘들고, 지속적으로 업데이트 되는것을 항상 첵킹하지 않으면 놓칠수 있는 부분들이 많기 때문입니다.
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저같은 경우 해외생활하면서 배운것은 두번일 하지않도록 확실한 곳을 선택합니다. 변호사이던 회계사이던 간에 말입니다. 정당한 비용을 지불하고, 확실하게 일처리를 하는것이 마음이 놓이기때문입니다.

제임스 회계사님의 경우, 저도 소개로 처음 세금보고를 맡겼는데, 나름대로 만족할만한 결과를 얻었습니다. 그리고 세법을 지속적으로 연구하면서 고객분들에게 최선책을 보여주는것이 느껴졌습니다. 특히 회사관리의 경우, 정말 좋은것 같습니다.

세금관련 도움이 필요하신 분의 경우 꼭 상담받기를 추천해 드립니다.”

Son sys0695, Los Angeles, says-

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다른 회계사님과는 직접 통화가 참 어렵더라구요~~ 그런데 회계사님과 직접 통화가 이루어지는 시스템이 되어있어서 좋았고, 많은 금액을 절세할수 있게 해주셨어요.

모든분들에게 추천해드리고 싶은 분입니다.”