Document List for Individual Tax Returns

To file your individual tax return, please take a look at the list of tax documents below, and send copies of the following documents that apply to you.

For First-time Clients

  • Copy of last 1 or 2 year’s tax returns – Federal & State
  • Date of Birth for client, spouse, and dependents if any

For Employees

  • Form W-2

For Home Owners

  • Mortgage Interest paid (year-to-date total) – Form 1098
  • Property Taxes paid (twice a year or impounded in the mortgage payments)
  •  If purchased last year: Escrow closing/settlement statement
  • DMV Renewal payment for personal use cars
  • Contributions, if any (Need a written acknowledgment)
  • Tax Return Fee paid to the previous CPA, for a New client

For Interest/Dividend Income received

  • Form 1099-INT/DIV (or amounts with payers’ names)

For Rental Property owners [Detailed Worksheet is available]

  • Rental Income
  • Mortgage Interest & Property Taxes for the rental property
  • Insurance, Repairs/Improvements, Other Expenses
  • If purchased last year: Escrow closing/settlement statement & County Property Tax Bill (showing Land/Building value breakdown)

For Business owners (yearly clients) [Detailed Worksheet is available]

  • Summary of business income (incl. Form 1099-MISC) & expenses total by category or There will be a Bookkeeping Charge if raw data are provided to us.
  • If started last year: Business Name, Address, Description of business
  • Health Insurance payments

S Corporation/Partnership Income (for entities we didn’t prepare Tax Returns):

  • Schedule K-1 (Shareholder’s/Partner’s Basis Worksheet is required.)

For Sale of Investment Properties

  • Stock – Form 1099-B (Statement from brokerage company) or Detailed Worksheet with Sales amount, Cost Basis, Dates purchased & sold
  • Rental Property or Land – Sales Price & Cost Basis with dates (Escrow closing/settlement statements at Sale & Purchase & Improvements not reflected on the prior tax returns, if any)

Other Documents:

  • Estimated Tax Payments made (IRS & FTB) -> Dates & Amounts
  • Did you have financial account(s) in a foreign country?
  • Did you receive, sell, send, exchange, acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?
  • Did you receive Form 1095-A or 1095-C regarding Health Insurance?
  • Unemployment Compensation from Your State
  • Gambling/Lottery Income -> Form W-2G
  • Social Security Benefit -> Form SSA-1099
  • Retirement Plan Distributions -> Form 1099-R. If Yes, ask for Form 5498. (may be subject to Additional Tax/Penalty form, nondeductible IRA form. Then, Additional Forms to be filed with additional fee)
  • Tuitions, Student Loan Interest paid for client or dependents à Form 1098-T or 1098-E
  • Child Care Expense
  • Alimony and Child Support
  • Any Other Income sources or Deductions