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We can expect up to 90% of the new Audits to be on those making less than $400,000. And, the IRS will hire 80,000+ employees for a massive increase in Audits & Collection actions over the next couple of years.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are about to have an IRS problem before it happens?

Our IRS Monitor-and-Alert System detects IRS issues that need to be addressed or resolved and alerts you BEFORE the IRS takes any action. Ultimately, you will be avoiding/reducing Audits and/or penalties as much as 50% or more of the tax debt.

If you’re looking for one of the best accounting services, then you came to the right place. Our CPA firm in Los Angeles is tech-savvy and highly responsive to clients’ needs across the nation.

As one of the top-rated CPA firms in LA, our goal has always been to provide our clients with a higher level of quality service. Our mission at James M. Cha, CPA & Company is to help our clients succeed while honoring our obligation to the public, all within the framework of the standards of our profession. We value our clients, our staff, innovation, leadership, teamwork, integrity, and success.

We are always intent on improving our ability to offer a wider variety of comprehensive business and financial consulting services. James M. Cha, CPA & Company serves diversified industries and offers a full range of services, including tax, accounting, and management services.

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What distinguishes us from other CPA firms?

We hear from our clients when they search for the best accountant near me, that they want exceptional services and a team that cares. To further accomplish our goal as a provider of exceptional services, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a dedicated citizen. We lend our individual talents and organizational involvement to professional, civic and social activities that make a positive impact on the communities of which we are a part of.

James M. Cha, CPA & Company has a rich history and reputation for delivering exceptional services to its clients and will continue to remain committed to the principles of personal service, professional dedication, and integrity, together with individual attention and customized services. Our professionals ensure expectations are exceeded and are committed to our customers’ success. Let James M. Cha, CPA & Company help you plan for your future.

Our accounting services and tax preparation services

From tax preparation and financial consulting to accounting services and management consulting, we provide comprehensive and individualized support to meet all of your tax and financial needs.

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Our firm is fully ready to utilize the new tax reform (Tax Cuts  & Jobs Act, TCJA) changes to save your taxes under the current law.


Actors, entertainers, and professional athletes as employees of the studio or teams usually pay out expenses over 30% of their income.  Common unreimbursed expenses of these employees that are lost under the TCJA include agents, publicists, and other professional fees, travel, meals and entertainment, and security among many others.

Please call us to find out how to get those expenses deducted.


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